Many of us became familiar with app-based services during the COVID-19 pandemic, as ordering groceries online and having restaurant takeout delivered to your doorstep became commonplace. Instacart and Doordash entered the pop-culture lexicon as much as Zoom, Facetime, and social distancing.

But with the worst of the pandemic over for many of us who have been vaccinated, there are several of these apps that are still thriving and may be able to help you with tasks that you may not have initially thought of, and many of these services can help those you care for stay independent longer.

Centers Choice Home Care has a look at six of these apps to help with your daily activities.

  1. TaskRabbit for Daily Chores

Home repairs, gardening, and cleaning around the house is covered by TaskRabbit, so whether you’re looking for some regular tidying up or just have a one-time project, TaskRabbit has you covered.

  1. Dolly to Have Heavy Items Moved

You and your loved one may not have the strength to move some items that need to be moved around the house, but Dolly can help connect you with someone who can move furniture and appliances around as well as pickup a large item you may have purchased but have no way of getting it to your home.

  1. Rover or Wag for Dog Walking

Rover and Wag are two apps that list people in your community who can help walk your dog, allowing Fido to get some exercise and wear him out a bit in case you’re not able to do so regularly.

  1. Rinse to Clean Clothes

You can do away with your washer and dryer or make trips to the laundromat a thing of the past with Rinse, as they will regularly pick up your clothes to be washed or dry cleaned and bring them back to you once finished.

  1. Nimble Rx for Medication Delivery

Many commercial pharmacies are beginning to do home delivery as well, but Nimble Rx is an online pharmacy that can send meds directly to your door.

  1. Soothe for Hair Services

Soothe will send hairdressers, professional masseuses, and other self-care experts directly to your house. Who says your stylist doesn’t do house calls anymore?


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