As a caregiver, many people get to the point where it doesn’t make sense for the person you’re caring for to continue to live on their own. You may want that person to move to a smaller house or apartment or even move in with you for a variety of reasons, which may include safety, convenience, and cost.

So if you’re putting a home on the market, you’re going to want to do it right. In fact, realtors say proper staging can increase the price of a home by 5% to 10%. With that in mind, Centers Choice Home Care has five tips on how to stage your home to get it to sell fast.

  • Declutter

You want your space to be as open as possible to make it look bigger, so you’ll want to clear out not only papers and anything else laying around, but also remove unnecessary furniture and some books out of your bookshelf. You may want to store these items at your house or in a rental storage unit in order to get them off of the property.

  • Furniture Rental

If your furniture is too big for your space, you may want to temporarily move it or sell it and replace it with a rental piece that would be pleasing to potential buyers. 

  • Make Your Kitchen a Social Space

A kitchen should be functional but also be viewed as a place to socialize. Keep the counters clear and the table set for a meal.

  • Bathroom Tips

The bathroom should look like it’s not being used. You want the potential buyer to envision themselves in there getting ready in the morning and not feel like they’re in someone else’s space. 

  • Remove Your Style

Building on that last tip about potential buyers not wanting to be in your space, you’ll want to remove personal effects from around the home (things like picture frames on end tables and children’s drawings on the refrigerator). Think classic and simple with neutral colors and the occasional accent. 

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