With nearly 100 million United States residents fully vaccinated from COVID-19 as of mid-April 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their list of activities they deem safe or risky for those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have yet to have been inoculated.

As a caregiver, you may be wondering what’s now safe to do with your loved one, so we are here to help provide some guidance.

Centers Choice Home Care has a look at the list of safe activities, and if you’ve been vaccinated, you will probably be happy to see many of these activities return to the safe side, even though you may still need your mask.

How is Fully Vaccinated Defined?

This is a good place to start. The CDC considers someone to be fully vaccinated (i.e. at peak immunity levels) two weeks after the final dose. So for two-dose vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, you are fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose. For Johnson & Johnson and other one-dose vaccines, immunity is achieved just two weeks after the only shot.

What Can Vaccinated People Do Without a Mask?

The CDC says that doing just about everything outside is save for vaccinated people to do without a mask. This includes walking, running or biking outdoors, attending a small outdoor gathering with friends and family, and dining at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households. If you’re attending a crowded outdoor event like a live performance, parade, or sporting event, it’s recommended that vaccinated people still wear a mask.

For indoor activities, the CDC considers this to be safer now for fully vaccinated people, but they still recommend wearing a mask. This includes visiting a barber or hair salon, going shopping, using public transportation, attending a worship service, going to a restaurant, a movie theater, or gym.

What About Unvaccinated People?

The CDC advises that only exercising outside and attending a small, outdoor gathering with vaccinated family and friends are the only things that can be done safely without a mask for those who have yet to be vaccinated. All indoor activities are considered to carry at least a moderate risk even with mask-wearing.

Travel Perks for Vaccinated Individuals

In addition to relaxed guidelines, those who are vaccinated will be able to travel to the European Union this summer, and if restrictions are lifted, cruise lines may again be able to operate in the United States; many of the major carriers have said they will require proof that all adults on board be vaccinated.

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