By the end of January, millions of seniors have received the first dose of the COVID-19 shot, and many seniors and healthcare workers have gotten both rounds of shots. 

Reports from the clinical trials and preliminary data from recent vaccinations, however, show that the percentages of having moderate or bothersome side effects are much higher following the second dose of the vaccine. 

Centers Choice Home Care has information on why and what you can expect if you or someone you take care of is in the process of receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations

Common Feature of Prime-Boost Vaccines

Vaccines like the Moderna and Pfizer versions of the COVID-19 vaccine are referred to as prime-boost vaccines, meaning that they were better with two or more doses. Having more bothersome side effects from the second dose is common in these types of vaccines, according to experts. 

This is because your body is already familiar with the protein that the vaccine delivers into your body, so there is a quicker production of antibodies and a more targeted response by the immune system.

Symptoms Are Not Caused By the Virus

Because your body is working hard to fight off what it perceives to be an invader, the chances are higher than you will develop a fever, chills, a sore arm, fatigue, or other aches and pains. These symptoms are due to your immune system doing its job and means the vaccine is actually working. It does not mean that the vaccine is making you sick. 

Will More Boosters Be Necessary? 

This is a question that has yet to be answered. Scientists will study the antibody levels in those who participated in clinical trials to see if immunity wears off and future boosters several months or years down the line are required. 

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