Science and research has shown that having indoor greenery in your home can reduce stress levels, help you recover from illness quicker, and boost your productivity. Some are easier to take care of than others, but one place you can’t go wrong (and also add some flavor to your foods) is by growing herbs
indoors. As a caregiver, this is an activity that you can enjoy together. Centers Choice Home Care has a look at five easy herbs you can grow inside your home.

1. Basil
Basil can be grown from a seed or a starter plant you can buy in the garden section of your favorite store. Just find a bright, warm spot for it and use well-drained soil. Basil can be used to spruce up several dishes, from salads to Italian night.

2. Mint
Make some fresh peppermint tea or add some to your favorite dessert. Mint needs rich soil and frequent watering to thrive, but it’s a better plant to grow indoors because it’s difficult to contain outside.

3. Rosemary
Rosemary grows similarly to basil, so you can even plant them together. They grow more hedge-style, so you can add to chicken or anything else you need to add a rich flavor to.

4. Parsley
Parsley grows best in the sun in lightly moistened soil. The good news is, once you have it, you’ll use it in just about everything. Grilled meat, with rice, or in sauces—the possibilities are endless!

5. Oregano
Having oregano growing in the house will leave a pleasant scent and can be used with anything you want to add a garlicky flavor to—spaghetti sauce, pizza, and chicken are some favorites.

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