Maintaining our health and avoiding the doctor’s office are always good goals to have, but it’s especially important while we’re enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. Every little bit we can do to improve the health of ourselves and those we take care of goes a long way. And while these foods can’t ensure that you won’t get sick, they all play a part in keeping your immune system working at its best.

You’ve probably heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” With that in mind, Centers Choice Home Care has five foods that doctors recommend you eat regularly for overall health


  • Asparagus


You’ve probably heard of prebiotics, but you may not know what they do. Doctors describe them as fertilizer for the good bacteria that lives in your gut. And asparagus is full of prebiotics. 


  • Shiitake Mushrooms


This variety of mushroom increases the response within your immune cells. You can eat them as a side sauteed in olive oil, or you can add them to rice, pasta, soups, salads, and omelets.


  • Broccoli


While many people aren’t fans of these “little trees,” broccoli is loaded with antioxidants that boost your immune system. You can eat them raw or gently cooked to get this benefit, but if they are well done, you won’t get as much out of them.


  • Chicken Soup


While chicken soup is soothing when you’re fighting a cold, there have been studies that show chicken soup can help your body with what’s called nasal mucus velocity, meaning that you can breathe or blow out viral or bacterial particles faster than you normally would, reducing the time that these particles can sit in your system and spread.


  • Garlic


Garlic is loaded with compounds that help the immune system perform at its best, and it can be added to nearly every dish that you cook. Just keep some gum or breath mints handy!

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