Whether you take any stock into astrology, you’ll want to read on for 12 coping mechanisms whether they fit your zodiac sign of not. It is 2020 after all—the year when we all need to take stock in our mental health and find ways to decompress. With COVID-19, a tenuous economy, and the current political climate (no matter what side of the aisle you fall on), 2020 has had its share of unique, gigantic challenges.

Centers Choice Home Care has a look at these based on when you were born. 


You’re probably feeling very impatient due to the stagnant nature of this year without much to do socially. Be sure you’re exercising daily and drink lots of water.


When “the bull” gets stressed out, going back to nature usually does the trick. Spend some time outside in the park, and even pack a lunch to have a relaxing picnic.


Geminis need to get their thoughts out, whether it’s through the spoken or written word. If you have extra thoughts at the end of the day, get them out on paper, so you can rest and start the next day with a clean slate.


Cancers put priority on taking care of others over themselves. Be sure to stay level with breathing exercises and try to carve out an hour for yourself at the beginning or end of each day.


“The lions” are social creatures, so quarantine is rough for them. Channel that energy into a creative passion like art or music.


Virgos love control, which 2020 has taken away. At this point, give up on trying to figure 2020 out and carve out your plan for 2021 and what goals you want to achieve.


Whether it’s trying to make peace with people who do not agree with you politically, on masks, or a number of other ideologies, it’s time to let things go. You can’t be everything for everyone, so focus on some me-time.


Scorpios handle adversity well, so your best bet is to just try and stay level until tensions blow over.


Being stuck in one place is the worst for you, so live vicariously. Read a book on a place you want to go, watch a movie set in your favorite city, or take virtual tours of tourist attractions you want to visit.


Capricorns are great at leading people, but don’t forget to let your guard down and ask for help if you feel like you need it.


These are humanitarians, so the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially tough for you. Focus on what you can control and make sure your space around you is taken care of instead of worrying about the state of the world. 


Pisces will pick up on others’ energy, and if it’s all negative or nervous, that could cause problems. Relax with a warm bath and calming music.

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