Whether an older loved one is downsizing or you’re just looking to tidy up their living space, chances are there’s plenty of possessions that have built up throughout the years that you don’t have much of a use for anymore. But instead of putting everything on the curb or making a bulk donation to one location, there are specific charities that can make great use out of certain items. 

Centers Choice Home Care has a look at some of these charities that can make a big difference through your generosity.

Medical Supplies

Any medical gear or supplies that you have (anything from walkers and crutches to first aid kits) are welcomed by any number of charities for potential worldwide use. Two are Project Cure (www.projectcure.org) and Med-Eq (www.med-eq.org), which will connect you with a charity seeking the equipment or supplies that you have.

Computers and Phones

You may not have much of a use for your outdated computer or phone, but there are plenty of organizations that do. The National Cristina Foundation (www.cristina.org) will put you in touch with charities in your area that can use your tech. In addition, you can donate your cell phone to Cell Phones for Soldiers (www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com), which helps fund phone calls for deployed service members. Be sure to format your computer or reset your phone or device to the original factory settings before parting ways with it. 


Appliances, whether they’re large or small, can be a logistical challenge to part ways with, but Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org) makes it easy. They will come and pick up any of these items that you’re looking to unload.

Musical Instruments

Pay it forward and donate any unused musical instruments, regardless of condition, to Hungry for Music (www.hungryformusic.org), as they will make sure that it gets into the hands of a young, aspiring musician. 


We all probably have extra shoes in our closet, and Soles4Souls (www.soles4souls.org) can distribute new and gently used footwear to those in need worldwide. 


Check out Operation Paperback (www.operationpaperback.org) to connect with service members who share your taste in books. Once you find a match, the organization will allow you to directly ship the reading material.  

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