No matter our age, we’re all either going to come down with a stomach bug or someone we love or take care of is going to, so we all need to be well aware of what’s good to consume to sooth a sour stomach. You’ll usually need to be careful for a day or two until your stomach begins to recover and you can slowly reintroduce your usual diet. 

Centers Choice Home Care has a look at five foods and drinks that are perfect to keep hydrated and won’t make your stomach situation even worse.


  • Ice Chips


The most important thing to do during a bout of viral gastroenteritis (aka stomach flu) is remain hydrated. Between diarrhea and potentially vomiting, your body can dry up on fluids fast. This is how a simple stomach flu can turn into a hospitalization. At the worst point of the bug, even simply drinking water can leave you feeling nauseous. To solve the issue, try eating ice chips—it’s a great way to slowly rehydrate. Doctors do advise, however, waiting around two hours after vomiting to try and eat ice chips.


  • Potatoes


Plain potatoes are a good bland food because of their ability to be easily digested and their abundance in potassium, which is an electrolyte that can help rehydrate your body. Steaming the potato is best because it breaks down fiber, which can be hard to digest.


  • Ginger


You can take ginger itself, but most people sooth their upset stomach with ginger ale. The ginger and the carbonation both help you feel some relief.


  • Dry Cereal


Dairy products can make the stomach flu worse, so stick to dry cereal that you can slowly eat. Try to stick with simple cereals like Original Cheerios or Corn Chex; avoid sugary cereals (no more than 10 grams of total sugar and 5 grams of added sugar per serving) because sugar can also complicate the issue. Oatmeal is also a good option.


  • Broth


If you feel ready to eat but can’t yet hold down solids, broth-based soups are a good option. This is because of the sodium contained within, as this is an electrolyte that helps with rehydration.

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