Keeping your loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia busy and engaged can be a challenge for caregivers.

Those living with these debilitative brain diseases often experience anxiety and paranoia if met with idle hands. Maintaining a schedule with planned activity times will help keep your loved one entertained, happy, and more agreeable.

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia differ in their abilities and functioning levels. As a caregiver, it may seem like you are chasing a moving target when looking for appropriate activities for your loved one. Their abilities and functioning levels are changing all the time. Sometimes from day to day. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust activities for your loved one’s current level of functioning.

Centers Choice Home Care has 10 enjoyable activities you can do with your loved one:

– Build With Legos

– Sculpt With Clay or Play-Doh

Many so-called children’s activities are also great for seniors, especially ones facing memory challenges.

– Watch Home Videos or Old Movies

– Listen to Popular Music From When They Were Younger

– FaceTime Grandkids or Family Members

Recalling old memories with loved ones is a way to keep those with dementia involved, as long-term memories are usually in place longer than short-term ones.

– Work on an Easy Jigsaw Puzzle

– Organize a Junk Drawer

– Sort the Mail

A helpful activity to soothe the mind of someone with dementia is to sort and organize. These are two great activities that use fine motor skills and maintain dexterity.

– Go for a Picnic

– Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Many happy memories are made over the years through food. Ice cream is generally a pleasant memory for everyone, and enjoying a picnic lunch in the park allows your loved one to get fresh air and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

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